Explore Karakoy and Galata: Top Things to Do & See

Karakoy district, Istanbul

Karakoy, formerly known as Galata, is a cultural hub situated in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul. It is scenically located north of the iconic Galata Bridge, at the intersection of the Golden Horn and the Bosporus. One of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul, Karaköy is now a major commercial and transport center. It is a thriving waterfront area featuring both

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Michelin Starred Restaurants in Istanbul: The Full List for 2024

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Istanbul: The Full List for 2023

Istanbul is packed with restaurants, cafes, and bars that are perfect for tourists to try out. While the city is filled with places to eat, only a select few restaurants received a prestigious Michelin Star for 2024. One of them even has two stars! If you visit this place you will understand why — perfect service, nice ambiance and fantastic

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Istanbul in May 2024: Top-15 Things to Do

Istanbul in May

May is a great time to visit Istanbul. Spring is in full bloom during the month, and the weather is warm, allowing you to explore the city that straddles the European and Asian continents. May is still considered part of Istanbul’s shoulder season, so you can avoid many of the tourists that descend on the city in the summer months.

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The Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul 2024: Turkeyana Clinic

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

In last years Turkey became a popular destination for hair transplantation services. The reason of this is high quality and good prices for hair transplantation. Also, the clinic provides accomodation and transfers, which make your trip for medical tourism much easier and comfortable. Turkeyana clinic – Istanbul’s world-famous hair transplant procedure destination Turkey is the world’s top destination for hair

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New Year in Istanbul 2024: What to Do and See

New Year in Istanbul

Istanbul surprises it’s guests throughout the year — it’s colourful and hot in summertime but thoughtful, windy, rainy or even snowy in winter! If you are looking for a place to spend your New Year’s holiday and to visit interesting museums — Istanbul can be a good choice! Especially the fact that all the palaces, mosques, museums and historical places

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Аnkara: The Capital of Turkey

Ankara Turkey

Sometimes people think that the capital of Turkey is Istanbul. Because it’s the largest city in Turkey and the concentration of historical places in country. But in fact, the capital of Turkey is Ankara — city, known as Ancyra or Angora. Ankara: The Turkish capital and so much more You can be forgiven for thinking Istanbul is the capital of

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Buyukada (Big Island): One-Day Trip

Places to see in Buyukada

Büyükada is one of the most beautiful and green places near Istanbul. The biggest among Princes’ Islands, it has parks, beaches, hotels, restaurants, walking trackways, bicycle rental and another activities for guests. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature among green trees with great sea view. Just take small backpack, choose the ferry which will bring you to Buyukada and

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Konya, Turkey: TOP things to Do and See

Konya Turkey

Konya is one of the historic towns in Turkey with it’s own beautiful places to see. Seljuk Turkish Sultanate of Rum (1071 to 1275) had Konya as it’s capital. Konya is the home of the famous whirling dervish and the museum was founded by Mevlana Rumi. If you plan to visit Kappadokya take a chance and stop at Konya for one day trip. Try

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Istanbul Card: Step-by-step Guide, price 2024


Istanbulkart (Istanbul Card) is city transport pass card and also a card which you can use to pay for many needs. For example, you can use Istanbulkart to pay in product shops an supermarkets, museum shops and some cafes, public WC’s. Istanbulcard is Istanbul Transportation Card. It’s absolutely worth to get an Istanbulkart while you travel in Istanbul: it will

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Guide to Turkish Coffee Culture: history, role in society, recipe and best brands

Turkish cofffee

 Turkish coffee isn’t like your normal coffee. There are some aspects of the popular Turkish drink that make it different to the cup of Joe you regularly drink. Despite its differences, Turkish coffee is a beverage you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try on a holiday in Turkey. What makes Turkish coffee different than the coffee you typically drink is

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Ortaköy Mosque (Büyük Mecidiye Camii) in Istanbul

Ortakoy mosque

Ortakoy Mosque is one of the truly great landmarks found in Istanbul. Located on the shores of the Bosphorus River, Ortakoy Mosque provides visitors with a picturesque, relaxed setting. The famous mosque has a distinguished view of the Bosphorus Strait and tourists exploring the river via cruises can take in the religious building as they sail by. The mosque is

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Galata Bridge in Istanbul

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Istanbul city is full of amazing historical attractions of Ottoman Empire and Byzantine times. At every part of this town there is a chance to find something interesting and amazing. Galata köprüsü or Galata bridge is one of the most recognizable symbols of Istanbul. Galata is an inique bridge which combine car road and pedestrian sidewalk with a lot of

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Anadolu Hisarı fort and Küçüksu palace

Küçüksü kasrı

Anadolu Hisari Fortress and Küçüksu palace are two of Istanbul’s great tourist attractions. The two sites are within a short walking distance from each other, making it possible to explore them on the same day. The historic Istanbul venues are just a seven-minute walk away from one another. After exploring the Anadolu Hisari, a simple walk over to Küçüksu Kasrı

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Aqueduct of Valens in Istanbul (Bozdoğan Su Kemeri)

Aqueduct of Valens Istanbul

The Aqueduct of Valens stands majestically over the hustle and bustle of Atatürk Bulvarı. The traffic below is constant, making the contrast between the historic aqueduct and modern-day Istanbul even more impressive. The Aqueduct of Valens or Bozdoğan Su kemeri on Turkish was built in late 4th century AD as a system to supply Constantinople with water from Belgrad forest.

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Balat and Fener district in Istanbul

Balat district in Istanbul

Istanbul’s Balat and Fener districts are rich in history and are a part of UNESCO’s world heritage site list. Despite being ideal for culture vultures and history buffs, the Balat and Fener districts are often overlooked by tourists. The districts’ neighbourhoods were previously home to Istanbul’s Jewish and Greek Orthodox communities. The area had fallen on hard time with old,

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Sultanahmet, Istanbul: Top things To Do and See

Sultanahmet Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with a large concentration of historical sites for tourists to explore. While having so many sites to see is wonderful for tourists, it can be a drawback. It is possible to miss some of Istanbul’s best locations, such as Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet is Istanbul’s Old Town. You will find some of the city’s legendary attractions including the

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Kadikoy, Istanbul: TOP Things to Do and See 2024

Kadikoy Istanbul

Istanbul is famously split into two parts with the iconic city straddling the European and Asian continents. While both sides of the city feature incredible tourist attractions, it is the Asian half of Istanbul that has risen in popularity in recent years. On the Asian side of the Turkish city, you will find Kadikoy, a large cosmopolitan area that borders

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How to Avoid Tourist Traps in Istanbul

how to avoid Istanbul tourist's scams

Regardless of where you travel in the world today, you are likely to encounter tourist scams. Tourist scams can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some may be obvious, while others are layered. The ultimate goal is to fleece tourists of their money, possessions, or both. If you are planning a holiday to Istanbul, you shouldn’t be put

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