Konya, Turkey: TOP things to Do and See

Konya Turkey

Konya is one of the historic towns in Turkey with it’s own beautiful places to see. Seljuk Turkish Sultanate of Rum (1071 to 1275) had Konya as it’s capital. Konya is the home of the famous whirling dervish and the museum was founded by Mevlana Rumi.

If you plan to visit Kappadokya take a chance and stop at Konya for one day trip. Try meat bread in the center of the city, walk through Historic Bedesten street’s, visit old mosques and Mevlana museum.

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Konya: Turkey’s conservative city full of history and culture

Konya has been an important Turkish city for over 800 years. The Turkish town is south of the country’s capital of Ankara with 261 kilometers laying between them. Konya is situated on the famous Silk Road, which adds to its history, culture, and legacy.

The city has popular museums and tourist attractions that attract travelers throughout the year. It is one of Turkey’s most popular travel locations with around 2 million tourists visiting Konya annually.

While it doesn’t receive the same number of tourists that the more famous city of Istanbul does, Konya welcomes a variety of travelers around the world seeking to delve further into Turkey’s culture.

Konya History

Konya Turkey

Konya Turkey

Konya’s name is claimed to come from the word “Icon”. The word means “holy depiction”, which could be part of the reason Konya is extremely conservative in terms of religion.

The Province of Konya, which the city is located in, was first settled in 7,000 BC. It has been a cradle of civilization for many centuries. Konya is believed to be one of the world’s oldest settlements for people.

The city of Konya’s location on the Silk Road led to many wealthy individuals visiting and residing in town. It also became a location for travelers, traders, and others to stay overnight or trade their goods.

Today, Konya is one of Turkey’s most historic towns. It doesn’t have the same hustle and bustle of larger cities like Istanbul or Ankara, yet it still has plenty of excitement. The city center is full of life and travelers seeking some quieter times, may choose to take a day trip away from the middle of town.

Why visit Konya?

The majority of tourists visit Konya to explore the Mevlana Museum. The museum is one of the country’s most famous religious attractions. The Mevlana Museum is a major pilgrimage site and it holds the tomb of the whirling dervish.

Konya is the home of the famous whirling dervish and the museum was founded by Mevlana Rumi. He is famous for writing poetry in Konya during the 13th century. Along with the whirling dervish, Konya is famous for its history. The museum is the center point to a historical education. Monuments are also famous in the city and each shows off the architecture of Seljuk Empire.

Çatalhöyük is another popular destination to explore when visiting Konya. The UNESCO-listed site is the largest Neolithic settlement discovered in the world. It is a great place to visit and investigate. In addition, Sille, a quiet village outside of Konya, is a great day trip. The town is just 45 kilometers away from Konya and is easy to reach.

Where is Konya?

Konya is situated a just three hours south of Ankara. The city can be reached easily via car and the three-hour drive gives you the chance to see some of Turkey’s countryside. Konya is a very old city. A trip around town will give you the chance to see the history Konya is known for.

The city was previously known as Kuwanna. It was later renamed Iconium by the Romans. Konya has become known for being one of Turkey’s most conservative in terms of religion. The citizens of Konya are unapologetic when it comes to the religious conservative the city is known for. Konya is proud of its conservativism.

Despite being conservative in terms of religion and society, Konya has produced a number of social projects. These projects belie the city’s conservatism. Due to Konya’s conservatism, you won’t be able to get alcohol with your dinner. The city strictly observes Muslim law. You won’t be able to consume alcohol while visiting Konya. However, you will be able to eat its famous mutton kebab that is slow roasted.

Visiting Konya’s Great Museums

Konya Turkey

Konya Turkey

Konya is a great place to visit all year-round. Its history oozes from the buildings and monuments that dot the city. The Mevlana Museum is the most popular tourist attraction. It is a must-see in Konya and houses the tomb of religious leader, poet, and philosopher Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi. He created the Sufism a sect of the whirling dervish.

The museum is ideal for anyone seeking to learn more about Turkish culture and history. The mausoleum is especially great to explore with its many tombs.

While in Konya, you should see the whirling dervish perform. The sema ceremony is unique and perfect for anyone wanting to see the whirling dervish in action.

Another museum to explore is the Ince Minare Mosque Museum. The mosque is the ideal example of Seljuk Islamic architecture. The mosque was built in 1260 for Sahip Ata. The ornate architecture welcomes visitors into the mosque. The museum is now a museum with an incredible collection of wooden and stone artwork from the Seljuk era.

Islamic law banned depictions of humans and animals in its artwork, but the Seljuk-era work defied those laws. The artwork showcases humans, birds, and lions.

Exploring Konya’s Great Tourist Sites

Mosques are not the only incredible tourist sites to explore in Konya. Tourists should also take in the Great Karatay Medrese (Tile Museum). The museum is home to the finest tileworks of the Seljuk era. The history inside the museum is unique and won’t be found anywhere else in Turkey.

The Silk Road is the historic center of the famous trail that led all the way to China. The road helped cultures prosper over the centuries and it can be explored on a visit to Konya. The caravanserais, which were places to stop off at on the Silk Road, can be spotted and explored.

Alaeddin Tepe was created on the location of a former fort. The park is situated in the center of Konya. Locals descend on the park, especially in the evening. You will find the Alaeddin Kaykobad Palace excavation site. It is the location of the old city’s wall.
Konya is one of the most historically famous cities in Turkey. The city is full of history and culture, and is perfect for tourists wanting to delve deep into Turkey. With a great selection of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, Konya is a city waiting for tourists to discover it.

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