Galata Bridge in Istanbul

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Istanbul city is full of amazing historical attractions of Ottoman Empire and Byzantine times. At every part of this town there is a chance to find something interesting and amazing.

Galata köprüsü or Galata bridge is one of the most recognizable symbols of Istanbul. Galata is an inique bridge which combine car road and pedestrian sidewalk with a lot of fishermen and seafood restaurants on the lower tier of it. Here you can try delicious fish and octopus in one of the cafes with the view of Galata Tower or Eminönü pier.

Here is brief history of the attraction, overview and things to explore about Galata bridge in Istanbul.

Galata bridge: One of Istanbul’s must-visit landmarks

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Galata Bridge is one of Istanbul’s top tourist attractions. It is one of the busiest places in Istanbul during the daytime. It experiences a constant flow of traffic with people moving back and forth from Eminönü and Beyoğlu. Galata Bridge also welcomes fishermen throughout the day casting their line into the water down below.

The famous bridge isn’t just for traffic to move across or fishermen to spend the day in the sun. Below Galata Bridge is a clutch of restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can stop by day or night to buy a drink or have a meal. Here you can try all kinds of seafood — small and big fish, octopus and mussels.

The eateries and drinking establishments underneath the bridge are ideal for anyone wanting a slower pace to the chaotic life of Istanbul. You can watch the boats and ferries go by while sipping a cold drink.

Galata köprüsü History

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Since 1845, there have been a number of bridges built to connect the Eminönü and Beyoğlu districts. In 1994, the modern version of the Galata Bridge was built after a fire destroyed the previous bridge that connected the city.

The Galata Bridge that stands today is the fifth edition of the bridge. It was built by Istanbul company STFA. Its construction was done just metres away from the previous incarnation of the bridge. Galata Bridge is a bascule bridge, which means it is moveable if large ships pass underneath. The bridge is 490 metres long and 42 metres wide.

There are two driving lanes and one walkway lane going in each direction. Trams run down the centre of the bridge from Bağcılar to Kabataş.

Galata Bridge Today

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Istanbul’s Galata Bridge is one of the great symbols of the city. It connects the old part of Istanbul, Eminönü, with the new thriving area of the city, Beyoğlu. Eminönü is home to many of the old palaces that were used by the Ottoman Empire. Beyoğlu is home to many of the non-Muslim residents of the city.

The bridge is a symbol of Istanbul’s incredible cultures as it connects the two districts. In a matter of minutes, you can experience one culture before exploring a different one. On a tour of the city, you are likely to visit Galata Bridge. Its popularity makes it a certain landmark to visit on a city tour.

Exploring Galata Bridge

Galata bridge in Istanbul

Galata bridge in Istanbul

You will find a number of great tourist attractions near Galata Bridge. It is situated next to the Sultan Ahmed district to the south and Karakoy to the north. Visitors can hop on a ferry at Eminönü. On your tour, you can see Galata Tower, Spice Market (Egyptian Market), Sirkeci Garı train station, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Ayasofia Mosque, Sultan Ahmet Square, Süleymaniye Mosque and much more.

If you plan to explore Galata bridge and attractions around on foot here is a route for you:

  • Take a tram or walk by foot untill Sirkeci
  • Take a look at Sirkeci train station and small museum inside it
  • Walk down the street untill Eminonu pier — try some street food here or take some photos
  • Visit New mosque (Yeni Valide Sultan camii) and historical Egyptian market
  • Cross the street by underpass
  • Let’s take a walk on the Galata bridge — you can walk at the upper level or lower level
  • When you reach the opposite side, there is Karaköy pier. From here you can follow the streets which go upwards. By following them we can reach Bank street and Kamondo stairs, Galata Tower and Istiklal street

Galata Bridge is always full of life. From the cars and trams that pass over the bridge to the fishermen that line the sides of the bridge, there is always something going on during the day. The calm waters of the sea attract many visitors. At night, the lights of the bridge are hypnotic and make it a romantic location. You can stroll across or nearby the bridge for a unique evening out, and it is ideal for snapping photos day or not.

Galata Bridge is one of the top tourist attractions in Istanbul. Regardless of when you want to explore it, you will find it to be an extraordinary landmark. Walk across the bridge during the day or enjoy one of the restaurants below it on a day out.

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