IstanbulKart: Step-by-step Guide, price 2023


Istanbulkart (Istanbul Card) is city transport pass card and also a card which you can use to pay for many needs. For example, you can use Istanbulkart to pay in product shops an supermarkets, museum shops and some cafes, public WC’s. Istanbulkart is Istanbul Transportation Card. It’s absolutely worth to get an Istanbulkart while you travel in Istanbul: it will

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Public Transport in Istanbul: metro, tramway and ferryboats 2023

Istanbul public transport

Istanbul is a huge metropolis with heavy traffic and lots of people. Despite the active development of the road network, it is quite difficult to get rid of traffic congestion, which is why many local residents prefer public transport to cars. Metro has 8 lines, buses go on more than 500 routes, there are 4 tram lines (2 high-speed and

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