Gülhane Park: history, photos, location, how to get

Istanbul is famous not only for it’s mosques and churches but also for it’s beautiful parks. There are Gülhane park, Emirgan and Yıldız park, and many others, with a lot of trees and flowers.

Gülhane Park is a leafy oasis in the mega-tropolis of Istanbul. It can be difficult to find peace and quiet at times in the city. Istanbul doesn’t sleep with its more than 15.5 million people. A visit to Gülhane Park offers visitors the chance to relax and spend time in nature.

Here’s some overview of Gulhane park by IstanbulPoints.com — brief history and how to get to Gülhane Parkı.

Gülhane Park History

Gulhane park Istanbul

Gulhane park in Istanbul

Gülhane Park is one of the most striking destinations in Istanbul. Situated between the Sultanahmet and Sirkeci neighborhoods, the park is one of the city’s most beautiful to explore. In Turkish, Gülhane means the “home of the rose”. On one visit, you will understand exactly why the park is the “home of the roses” as it displays the flower along with others to visitors.

The park was built during the Byzantium period. It was home to some of Istanbul’s military warehouses and barracks at the time. Later during Ottoman rule, Gülhane Park was the site of celebrations and ceremony. It was also a rosary shelter and the main garden for Topkapi Palace. The palace is just a one-minute walk from Gülhane Park allowing you to visit both tourist destinations in the same day.

Gulhane park

Gulhane park

In 1912, Gülhane Park was opened to the public to enjoy. A zoo was later constructed in the park in 1955, but, unfortunately, the zoo is no longer located at Gülhane Park. Still, there is plenty to see and do in the park today.

Gulhane Park: What to Explore

Gulhane park Istanbul

Gulhane park means the home of the roses

Gülhane Park is one of Istanbul’s most popular greenspaces for both locals and tourists. The greenspace covers a large area of Istanbul and contains a number of gorgeous gardens. Outside of Gülhane Park are large buildings, cars, and the hustle and bustle of Istanbul life. Inside the park, you will find refreshing trees, pools, and outdoor cafes. The views of the Bosphorus are incredible from the park.

The outdoor cafes offer up a peaceful environment to visitors. Why not enjoy an authentic Turkish coffee while staring out at the Bosphorus as warm sun shines down? It sounds like a perfect break from visiting Istanbul’s top-rated tourist destinations.

Old cistern in Gulhane park

Did you know, that there is an old cistern in Gulhane park? It’s already open for visitors after big restoration.

Gülhane Park Museum

Located inside the park is the Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam. The museum can be found in the former Imperial Stables Building. It is an ideal museum to explore to learn more about science and technology in relation to Islam. The museum is rather unique and displays the evolution of the various scientific branches in the Islamic world.

Tulip Festival

The Istanbul Tulip Festival is held in the park each April during the final three weeks of the month. The flower was important to the Ottoman Empire and tulips remain a major part of Turkish culture. The festival celebrates both spring and the tulip’s importance on Turkish history.

The Istanbul Tulip Festival takes place around the city at its major parks. It is a popular activity to park-hop to explore the various tulip displays. The festival is free and billions of tulips can be seen across the city.

How to get to Gülhane Park

Gulhane park Istanbul

Gulhane park

Gülhane Park is located near the Sirkeci neighborhood of the Istanbul Fatih District. It is close in proximity to Topkapi Palace Museum allowing you to visit both destinations in the same day. In fact, Gülhane Park is perfect for visiting after exploring the palace. You can easily walk to the park from every part of Sultanahmet.

The park is open daily and free of charge. The Gülhane tram stop is the nearest location if you are travelling to the park via tram. You can easily walk to the park from the hotels around the Sultanahmet area or from Eminonu.

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