Best time to visit Istanbul and weather secrets

Best time to visit Istanbul

Istanbul has an everlasting appeal that owes a lot to its rich history. The city was previously known as Byzantium and Constantinople. It is a centre point of several ancient empires. The numerous architectural wonders remain of these ancient empires, still, stand tall in the core of the city. The different events and festivals happening throughout the year also make it a desirable place for the visitors. Istanbul facilitated 13.4 million Foreign tourists in 2018, as indicated by the tourism statistics report arranged by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. The city is generously dispersed with brilliant remnants of its long and famous history, and the touring here will intrigue even the most tired visitor. will help you to identify one of the best suitable time to visit Istanbul to have a lifetime of an experience.

Let us give u a cursory view of the seasons which best suits your taste and interest. Moreover, a brief view of tourist’s influx is also given that will help you to decide a suitable time to visit, a less crowded Istanbul. The business of events and festivals also plays a pivotal role in attracting many foreign tourists. Every month or season is also known for its events and this article also gives an overview related to it.

Winter in Istanbul — rain, snow or sun

Best time to visit Istanbul

WInter in Istanbul

December — The Winter vacations

The chilling weather accompanies with occasional snowfall and with 5 hours of daylight. December is as chilling as the ancient history of Istanbul itself. Winter presently begins vigorously as daytime temperatures fall to 10°C. Effectively the wettest month of the year by and large and just around 3 hours of daylight for each day. Winds can cool the bones and there might be some snow on a couple of days. Overnight normal temperatures drop forcefully to just a couple of degrees above freezing, while at the same time morning mist can be hazardous and influence travel via air and ocean. At this point, the sun sets a long time before 5pm.The two events that are celebrated by different parts of the city are:

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve

These two events although are not celebrated at a massive scale but still their celebrations are enthusiastically taking place by many people

January — enjoying the chilling beauty of Istanbul

Best time to visit Istanbul

January in Istanbul can be cold and rainy

The weather is cold and wet in January. The temperature during this month falls to about 8°C. Snow may fall on around 4 days, yet nothing effects the travel plans. This month is also a wet month with 102mm of rainfall. If one can bear the coldness of Istanbul during this month then this month allows you to enjoy the chilling beauty of Istanbul at full. During this month there is less tourist and the historical places are less crowded Moreover, the main benefit of traveling in January is cheap rates of lodging and traveling.

The First day of January marks the beginning of new year which is celebrated throughout the city. The new year’s first day is a reflective time for the locals as they stay at home after the celebration, but the foreign tourists visit various indoor sites in Istanbul. Therefore, most tourist sites are open and busy.

February — Suitable for indoor attractions

Winter proceeds with a cold and wet climate, and it is regularly very breezy to the nearby places of water. Mist may influence a few flights and ships, normally before noontime, and the lanes might be fixed with snow for a couple of days. Normal temperatures are about equivalent to January. Some of the day tours might close for a few months. In this peak month of winter, there are no festivals or events in Istanbul. Thus, under 4 hours of daylight on normal every day, consider visiting indoor attractions, for example, exhibition halls, displays, mosques, and the Grand Bazaar (which is generally covert).

Spring in Istanbul: tulips and cercis trees

Best time to visit Istanbul

Spring in Istanbul is beautiful

March — The The coldness fluctuates regularly

An exceptionally alterable month which local people despite everything call ‘winter’. Normal daytime temperatures rise a little from 8°C in February to 11°C in March, the average rainfall receive is 13 days. The most noteworthy snowfall at any point recorded in Istanbul happened in March 1987. The cold weather promotes indoor activities such as:

  • Open Door Festival It allows you to visit inside of the glorious historical buildings, such as the Ortaköy Mosque and Egyptian market.
  • Historical Peninsula Faith Fish Festival (29th) – In remembrance of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople.
  • Freshtival it is a huge music festival in which latest bands perform.

April — organizes different celebrations such as city-wide tulip celebrations

Generous increase of temperature on normal from the earlier month to 16°C and still a cool 12°C not long after dusk. With an observable drop in normal rainfall from earlier months, as well as fewer tourists and far lower Hotel rates than June, July, and August, this is the best an ideal opportunity to go for the year up until now. Moreover, different festivals and celebrations particularly during the city-wide tulip celebration, a great number influx of tourists is seen. Days are recognizably more, with the sun setting at about 8 pm before the month’s over.

May — Marks the start of the summer with lots of celebrations

Best time to visit Istanbul

May in Istanbul — one of the best months to visit the city

Normal day by day temperature reaches a wonderful 20°C, however, it remains a colder 12°C at night. One can expect brief showers and changes in temperature, yet it is an astounding chance to visit Istanbul, as this month marks the start of the summers.
This month also gives you a pleasure to enjoy various events such as:

  • Sonar Istanbul -It is the Part of an international chain of music festivals showcasing the hippest and best up-and-coming groups and DJs and takes place for 2 days.
  • Akbank Short Film Festival It is an event of screenings and competitions over 10 days under diverse categories like ‘Perspective’ and ‘Experiences’. Most of the films are Turkish but some are with English subtitles.
  • Istanbul International Dance Festival This festival showcases more than 40 dance style by people from all around the globe.

Summer in Istanbul — beautiful sea and warm nights

Best time to visit Istanbul

Summer in Istanbul — warm nights and sunny days

June — beginning of peak tourist season

Beginning of the late spring, when normal daytime temperatures are 26°C and a mild 17°C at night however it can even now be fundamentally hotter on certain days. Rainfalls have decreased to a normal of 6 days every month. It is the start of the tourist season, but the abundance of tourists is not as much as compared to humid July and August. The rates of lodgings are comparatively higher than the previous months. This month gives a musical feeling with various music activities such as:

  • Istanbul Music Festival (changeable, June and July)
  • Chill-Out Festival Istanbul (changeable, mid-June)
  • Istanbul Shopping
  • International Istanbul Opera Festival

July — Hot and humid with a large influx of tourists

Equivalents (with August) the most elevated normal daytime/short-term temperatures for the year: 28°C/17°C. While this may not appear to be hot to certain, the temperature of about 35°C is normal, and the moistness, traffic, and groups can get awkward on occasion. This month’s marks with the lowest average monthly rainfall. The heat and humidity could be reduced by visiting various waterside places. The different activities that attract the visitors’ interest are the following:

  • One Love Festival (changeable, late July) – International festivals of famous rock bands and DJs
  • Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim (26th) –A global swimming competition.

August — high temperature with the slight gentle wind

Best time to visit Istanbul

August is not so hot as july, so you can enjoy your trip

The month averages the same temperature as that of July. The number of visitors increases manifold during this month. Hence, it is one busiest month for tourism. Once can expect shirt-soaking heat but little intervals of cool breeze give you a sense of relief. Still extremely dry, with intermittent showers on just around 5 days per month.

Autumn in Istanbul — amazing atmosphere

Best time to visit Istanbul

Autumn in Istanbul is also romantic season

September — starts with a hot temperature but ends with a moderate temperature

The slight drop in normal daytime/short-term temperatures to 25°C/17°C (about equivalent to June), yet diminished fundamentally before the month’s over. While despite everything it may rain on certain days. the drop in the number of tourists or lesser crowd, particularly later in the month, makes this an ideal opportunity to travel.

October — marks the beginning of fall

Considerable drop to 19°C on normal during the day and a cooler 12°C overnight as the pre-winter/fall has shown up. Still wonderful for visiting, though a little chilly, and days accompany with occasional rainfall. October gets the most noteworthy average rainfall for the year since January.

November — Comprises of few days of charming weather

The most recent month until April when a few days can be charming, especially during the main half – even though one can expect around 13 days with rainfall during the month. A cool 14°C on normal during the day. However, after day is over, it falls to a crisp 9°C. Before the month’s over, there may just be 5 hours of daylight by and large. The two events that attract the visitor’s attention are:

  • Istanbul Intercontinental Marathon is the only marathon of the world in which the participants run over two contents of the world.
  • Istanbul Theatre Festival this festival celebrates the classic Turkish theatres.

The temperature in Istanbul throughout the year

Best time to visit Istanbul

The temperature in Istanbul throughout the year

Rainfall in Istanbul throughout the year

When visit Istanbul

Rainy days in Istanbul

The best ideal opportunity to visit Istanbul is either April-May or mid-September to October-end when the days are longer, drier, and sunnier, yet not as blistering as in the pinnacle of summer. Temperatures go somewhere in the range of 12°C and 25°C and there are a couple of brief showers occasionally. These months also avoid large tourist crowds. Moreover, the different events and festivals also allow a visitor to gain the full Turkish experience of culture, art, and music. Istanbul is charming thorough out the year, but every season has its own charm and uniqueness. But the uniform beauty of Istanbul attracts visitors throughout the year.

We hope this article would help you to decide the best time that brings convenience for your visit to Istanbul.

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