The Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul 2024: Turkeyana Clinic

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

In last years Turkey became a popular destination for hair transplantation services. The reason of this is high quality and good prices for hair transplantation. Also, the clinic provides accomodation and transfers, which make your trip for medical tourism much easier and comfortable.

Turkeyana clinic – Istanbul’s world-famous hair transplant procedure destination
Turkey is the world’s top destination for hair transplants. Men and women from around the globe have made their way to Turkey for years to undergo hair transplant procedures. One of the country’s top hair transplant providers is Turkeyana Clinic, a beauty healthcare provider located in Istanbul.

So let’s find out, how does the procedure of hair transplantation looks like and what you have to know before you make your choice.

What is Turkeyana Clinic?

Turkeyana Clinic provides services and treatments for men and women. Launched in 2012, Turkeyana Clinic has earned a reputation for its excellent care and the high-quality results it offers patients. The clinic is certified in Turkey and internationally to provide clients with the best services and patient care possible.

Clients can undergo plastic surgery at Turkeyana Clinic to gain the natural beauty they have always imagined having. The clinic sees plastic surgery as artwork, and providing beauty enhancements that do not draw attention to the individual is the clinic’s main aim.

The reasons people undergo plastic surgery are to look good, fit, and feel satisfied with themselves. Therefore, providing clients with beauty enhancement operations that make them look natural is the clinic’s goal.

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While Turkeyana Clinic offers a host of beauty enhancement operations and other plastic surgeries, it has become well-known for delivering high-quality hair transplants to men and women. Individuals who are follicle-challenged can find the cure for their issues thanks to the doctors at Turkeyana Clinic.

What is a hair transplant?

زراعة الشعر في اسطنبول

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

A hair transplant is a type of surgery. There are no creams, sprays, or gels applied to your head to regrow hair when having a transplant. Rather, hair is taken from an area in which you already have it to a spot in which there is no hair or it is thinning. Hair transplants are not a new type of surgery, as they started in 1952 in New York.

However, over the years, new technology has made hair transplant operations better and more successful. Today, Turkey is one of the leaders in hair transplant and cosmetic procedures, and people are travelling to the country in droves to undergo the procedure.

What are the hair transplant techniques?

There are different techniques used for hair transplant operations. The techniques are FUE, Mega FUE, Ultimate FUE, DHI Technology, Mega DHI Technology, and Extremely DHI Technology.

زراعة الشعر في اسطنبول

Turkeyana hair transplantation

Let’s explore each technique:

  • FUE Technology – Hair follicles are picked from a donor area using a Micro Motor. The hair follicles are then placed in the receiving area by opening fine channels in the bald spot using medical forceps. The procedure can take up to eight hours, and up to 4,000 follicles are transplanted.
  • Mega FUE Technology – Mega FUE takes more than two sessions for two consecutive days to complete. The procedure sees 8,000 follicles transplanted to give the client’s hair more density.
  • Ultimate FUE – Ultimate FUE is different than FUE due to the medical scalpel used. The scalpel is made of a fine blue sapphire and prevents the destruction of the scalp during the follicle-picking process.
  • DHI Technology – Channels in the bald areas are opened by the doctor and treated with Choi Pen Implanters. Extracted follicles are then implanted using up to 3,500 follicles. The procedure can take up to eight hours.
  • Mega DHI Technology – The technique takes more than two sessions on two consecutive days and the doctor uses the Choi pens. A maximum of 7,000 follicles are transplanted into the client to provide more hair density and attractiveness.
  • Extremely DHI Technology – The procedure uses the same DHI technique, but it allows the doctor to transplant up to 5,000 follicles during a 12-to-15-hour session.

What are the stages of a hair transplant?

There are three stages to a hair transplant. The stages include:

  1. First Stage: The number of hair follicles to be picked out is judged. The front line of the hair is drawn.
  2. Second Stage: The patient undergoes tests and checkups to determine suitability. The tests include blood checks and dermatology exams.
  3. Third Stage: The hair is shaved if using the FUE technique. If using the DHI or the Robot technique, the donor area will be shaved to allow for the picking of hair follicles. The patient will be given local anaesthesia.

Turkeyana Clinic hair transplant expectations

Your scalp is likely to be tender following the transplant procedure. Pain medication may need to be taken for multiple days. You will need to wear bandages on your scalp for a minimum of one to two days. Your doctor will provide you with all the appropriate information on post-transplant care.

زراعة الشعر في اسطنبول

Your doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication or antibiotic. You will need to take the medication over the next few days. The operation won’t prevent you from living your life almost immediately afterwards. You may be able to return to work around two to five days after the procedure.

The transplanted hair will fall out after two- or three weeks post-surgery. You don’t need to worry when the transplanted hair falls out. Over the next few months, you will see new hair growth occur. The majority of people who undergo a hair transplant will see 60% of new growth after six to nine months.

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul

Who are the candidates for hair transplants at Turkeyana Clinic?

Turkeyana Clinic works with a range of clients from all over the globe. The clinic provides a short checklist for candidates seeking hair transplants and works with individuals who met the following criteria:

  • Individuals who experience severe hair loss and hereditary baldness
  • Individuals who possess a sufficient donor hair area
  • Individuals in good health that do not suffer from any specific diseases that may impair hair transplantation
  • Individuals aged 22 or older

Hair transplants at Turkeyana Clinic

Turkeyana Clinic offers clients a variety of beauty enhancement procedures. The clinic’s slogan “As you want to be,” couldn’t be more apt, as the world-renowned facility wants its clients to get the most out of every procedure to be the person they dream of.

Turkeyana specialists perform over 30 dental procedures, 100 plastic and cosmetic operations, and nearly 450 hair transplants every month. The experience of the clinic’s staff is high and capable of giving you everything you need to achieve your best self.

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